Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Road to nowhere

I had a couple hours of free yesterday afternoon and decided to go on a hike. I picked a hike out by Salmon La Sac, not realizing how far it actually was. After about an hour and a half of driving, and less than a mile from the trail head, I noticed a 'Road Closed Ahead' sign. Spring snow melt washed out the road and made passage in my Honda Accord impossible. Ended up driving around taking some pics and wasting a few hours of my afternoon.

When Clem called detailing his morning surf session I realized I made a bad decision. Kev and I came so close to taking the day for surf, but working late the night before and misjudging the weather, convinced us not to go. Yeah, we're dumb.

Leave for Denver tomorrow, heading to Vail Thursday, and then Grand Junction the next. I'm not sure if I'm ready for 3 days of riding dirtbikes, but I'm sure it will be good times.

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