Friday, June 8, 2007

On-call Weekend

One week out of every month I sacrifice my personal free time so that your booty calls, American Idol votes, daily horoscopes, and ring tones, are delivered to your phone as quickly as 1's & 0's can beam across the internets and wireless networks. You may be extremely appreciative, or you may be wondering-"how can I do something so selfless that improves the quality of everyones lives?" I hate to disappoint you, but chances are you'll never have an opportunity to do what I do. It's a highly specialized high tech voodoo performed by masters of the black arts. I don't expect you to understand with your inferior brain;)

As exciting as it may sound it's not all that cool. There are a couple drawbacks like not getting to surf this weekend. It's not like the surf's going to be anything to write about, but at least it's surf. I also can't really do anything that requires any dedicated amount of time or concentration- movies, eating out, boozin' with friends, going to the gym, sleep. The second I get settled in what I'm doing my phone starts buzzing.

Even though staying home and working sucks, it does keep me around the house and the wife can't complain that I'm off surfing every weekend.

Coming up next week....

Motorcross in the Rockies

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