Monday, September 12, 2011

Puerto Rico - Day 1

The first day was pretty good; some dying swell action on a deserted beach break, family hike through the rain forest, afternoon surf in crowded slop, and a trip into Old San Juan for dinner.

I'm hoping my rental can make it a few more days without falling apart. All it took was about 3 miles of two-track, 4 small stream crossings, and about 50 neighborhood speed bumps, to rip off the bottom cover from the belts and trigger "low oil" & "change tire" warnings.

The weather is not looking really good for tomorrow and plans to go snorkeling have been canceled, but also means I get an extended morning surf session.

Hollow little left into 3 feet of water

Right on to a slab of reef

Cool off after a hike in the rain forest

Cheap rental

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