Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puerto Rico - Update

The surf finally bumped up a little today, but so did the wind. Thinking somewhere may be better protected from the wind I tried to make it down to the beach I surfed the first day. Unfortunately the last two days of rain has transformed the small cobblestone streams I needed to cross into knee deep boulder fields. I was hoping the wind would die down in the late afternoon, but I wasn't that lucky.

With the weather being the way it has been, we've had to change about everyone of our original plans. That can be kind of a challenge with as many different personalities we have gathered under one roof. We've managed to keep busy and make the absolute best of it. Having two vehicles has been key. As I type my parents and Courtney are stuck in a traffic jam 60 miles outside of San Juan and we are back at the house sitting by the pool.

So far tomorrow's plans are still a go! Ed chartered us a 50ft fishing boat for the day with the hopes of landing some big fish. I'm pretty stoked since I've never truly been deep see fishing for anything as big as Marlin or Sailfish. Wish me luck.

The surfing beach is not very surfy

Mom is hooked on these things.

PR's East coast

No shortage of rain

Crazy eye

The neighbor

This reef will give you more than just a rash

Siesta time

I'm staying here next time


dd... said...

beautiful images Ki!

drexnefex said...

jesus fuck! that's the gnarest reef i've ever seen.