Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Time - The Sounders

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So far I've been reluctant to attend. I've endured tremendous amounts of peer pressure, and have even been made fun for not participating. I guess everyone has already been doin' it for a season or two. It's not that I was afraid to join in, but mainly due to games being on the weekend and could possibly take time away from surfing plans. Oh yeah, and I can't stand soccer.

Otter convinced me that I would have a solid support crew (Peterson, Lorn, Alexis, Ryan, Sophia...) to make sure my first time was enjoyable and since it was on a weekday it would not interfere with a trip to the coast. I went as far as to find a green shirt and spent $8 for a 16oz beer to order to fit in. I also did my best to pay attention and applaud only at appropriate times, which really wasn't that difficult because the seats were near the action and it was what most fans would consider a high scoring game- Sounders 3 Argentina 0.

In the end I will admit to having a good time. I still could give a shit about the Sounders, but could easily fall victim to the mob mentality fueled by stadium food, tap beer, and kept warm with blue & green scarves. I can't say I'd be willing to buy a jersey yet even though I love the "friendly game" color- Electric green.

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a man said...

the time
has come (come come)

for balls
and cars
and scarves (scarves scarves)