Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oregon Weekend

Weekend trip to OR included Clem, Drex, Travis, JP, Shane, Kelley, Dax, and Dax's wife. I left town with Travis about 4am and was surfing ShortSands before 9. Actually not sure if the days first session really counted as surf though. Was super messy and small, but we tried to make the best of it.

Second session in the afternoon was much better- small clean Seaside Cove with a bunch of people out. Water was really warm - no gloves, booties, and wearing my 4/3. Haven't been in water that warm in a while.

After surf we grabbed some food and headed to the campsite to get prepared for the evenings downpour. Shane packed a batwing that we could sit under while we drank beer and played a mean Suduko tourney that I won. No one would take Drex up on a shotgun drinking contest. I ended the night off with a s`more before heading to bed.

Woke up to a few inches of water surrounding all the tents. Good thing I slept in my vehicle where I was warm and dry. First time sleeping in it, but was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was. Everyone else was pretty wet and ready to get the hell out of OR.

A few of us headed to the Cove again for a morning surf where we ended up catching some really fun waves. Clean and some nice size sets with not very many people out. It lasted about 2 hours before we packed up and headed back to WA.

I was welcomed home by a few inches of water in my basement.

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