Thursday, July 12, 2007


Random pic from a few nights ago

Predictions of 90+ degree weather in the city, and fun surf on the coast, convinced me bail on work and head out with Clem and JP. The 5:30am buoy report was showing 3.5ft @ 4 seconds and calm winds, but a bump in the swell was expected.

We got there around 9 - fog to thick see the water. Waves were much better than anticipated. Clean and decent size for most of the session. Clem and JP stayed at the main peak while I worked on my 'back-hand attack' further down at the second peak. Picked off the occasional left that would line up. Not much water traffic to deal with.

Once the fog cleared the sun was nice bonus, but that also meant the winds would pick up. The crowds were starting to fill up the inside too. It was time to take a break. JP suggested a new sandwich place in town.

Decent Ruben sandwich, but not the crispy deep fried goodness the Knotty Pine has to offer. During lunch the clouds began to fill in and we decided to forgo the second session and get back home to where record temps were being reported. I had some work to do and ended back in the office til 11pm.

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