Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cape Alava - Sand Point Loop - 3/30/2013

First backpack trip of the year. I had originally meant to make it to Yellow Banks, but ended up making the hike down from Cape Alava to Sand Point instead. I was concerned about making in around some headlands before the tide was too high so we decided to set up camp at Sand Point. Shortly after we set up camp I noticed that the tide was not coming up, but actually on the way out, and would continue to drop for a few hours. Not sure what tide book I was getting my info from, regardless it was a rookie mistake. 

Even though the camping didn't go as planned and the surf was tiny, Court and I managed to make the best of it. How can you go wrong when it's still March and you're sitting on the beach wearing shorts and a t-shirt?

Welcome to Cape Alava
Whale. We even saw a few live ones too. 
South side of Sand Point

Happy feet

The lookout

Plenty of stars
Observing an early morning point break

Early start
Skunk Cabbage
The trail out


a man said...

such a rad zone
that "trail" is the craziest boardwalk in the state, no?

El Hefe said...

You might be able score the motherload of ambergris in that dead whale's gut. Google that shizz. Worth more than gold, and would pay for a couple year vacation around the world.

'Ki'ng of Surf said...

Ha. I told my girl I would be the lookout while she crawled into the belly of the beast to look for it.

lito98119 said...

good shit