Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update from Sydney

Post surf  relaxing.
Last light- Soldiers Point
Let the starts be your guide. 
Light house - Norah Head
Just another light house at dawn- Norah Head
The reef at Soldiers Point
The reef from above- Soldiers Point
About an hour north of Sydney and supposedly a very sharky reef.
Every break should have a reef you can walk out on and dive strait into the lineup - Soldiers Point
Synchronized diving- Soldiers Point 
Surf check at Soldiers Point
Would love to check this out on a swell larger than 1 meter- Soldiers Point
Look Ma! No board. Manly Beach
Not sure what he's looking at. If you show up at the beach when the surf report says "1ft and windy" your either going in or not- Manly Beach
Guardians of the beach - Manly Beach
Cloud break - Manly Beach
Another reef - NSW
Morning on Manly Beach
Morning on Manly.
Morning exercise - Manly Beach
One hell of a bottom turn to do in knee high surf - Manly Beach
Traffic in the lineup - Manly Beach
Pulling in - Manly Beach

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