Thursday, April 2, 2009

time well wasited

It's dumping in the mountains and I'm down here in the city. I guess I could go up, but another day in my brand new Burton boots makes me want to puke. I have a new pair of Salomon Synapses on the way. they should show up in a day or two. While I have all this free time I decided to get creative-

Not only can I take pictures, but I'd say I'm quite the Photoshop wizard too. 

Supposed to take some rock climbing pics today, but the rain and clouds aren't going to let up. Tomorrow heading out to PA to shoot a downhill bike action - Fluid Ride Cup, with the Vholdr guys. Pretty stoked to shoot some more bike stuff. Maybe just going to stay out there depending on the surf report.

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Anonymous said...

let's amputate your finger-like toes. then you'd fit into boots.