Monday, November 10, 2008

Back home but not quite here

I've been home for a week and I still have the post vacation blues. Of course I'm stoked to be back for a few obvious reasons, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I pissed away my time in Bali. I could have surfed more, taken more pictures, traveled further...too many things I missed out on, but at the time I thought I was moving fast enough. Now that I'm home, and looking for a job, I feel like every day here has been a waste of time. I know my way around, I drive on the right side of the road, food tastes the same, my wounds are healing, all the faces are familiar. I'm too comfortable. I think I need to surf some cold water to toughen me up.

Poor Ki had an amazing vacation and has to face reality again.

Most of the Bali Pics are up HERE

1 comment:

drexnefex said...

good to see you too dick.

i hope you get beat up by PA locs tomorrow.